SM Entertainment Liked A Photo Of Taeyeon And Jessica On Instagram

SM Entertainment seems to miss Taengsic too…

SM Entertainment‘s social media account, @SMTOWN, left a like on a fan-made picture of Taeyeon and Jessica and fans are shook.


@SMTOWN liked a comment underneath the photo that read “I miss them…”

It’s unclear if it was an accident or not, as the account apparently unliked the comment.


And fans jumped on it, completely confused as to why SM Entertainment would suddenly acknowledge Jessica after the controversy sounding her departure in 2014.

  • “That moment when @smtown is stalking and reading comments lol”
  • “This really got me shook @smtown just liked this comment… Hmmmmmm”
  • “Why SM? Do you miss Sica?!”
  • “Even the devil would like for Taengsic to come back.”


Fans began to speculate that SM Entertainment actually wanted a duet between the two singers and was still a fan of the couple, known as “Taengsic”.

  • “Clearly the SM staff wanted a Taengsic subunit.”
  • “Maybe the admin also misses Jessica”
  • “Maybe the staff is a Taengsic fan. But who would’ve thought SM to be open in showing their likes for anything related to Jessica?”


And rumors began to spread that due to the like, Jessica might one day be able to come back to Girls’ Generation.

  • “OMG I can’t believe it. Ot9 will be comeback??? I’m really happy”
  • “I still have a tiny bit of hope that someday they’re gonna reunite.”
  • “Maybe Jessica will come back very soon (I hope!)”


While it’s unclear as to why exactly SM Entertainment liked the comment, it’s obvious fans miss “Taengsic”!