SM Updates About Red Velvet’s Alleged Plagiarized Outfits After Talking With The Designer

SM and Paris 99 had a talk.

SM Entertainment was accused of plagiarizing a design from NY based fashion designer, Paris 99, for Red Velvet‘s recent comeback.


Paris 99 had originally posted that SM never reached out about the designs.

No one on the team [SM Entertainment] never reached out to collaborate on designs, which I would have loved to participate in.

 It deeply hurts to see large groups, that could have helped out a small designer, instead take from our hard work and brand it as their own.

— Paris 99


After having the issue brought to the attention, SM announced that they have resolved the issue with Paris 99 and have even decided to work together in the future.

After enough conversation with Paris 99’s designer, we came to understand each other and formed a good relationship.

We will be working together in the future as well.

— SM Entertainment


Paris 99 also made a new announcement revealing that they have become friends with SM’s visual director and look forward to working together in the future.

Source: MK Sports

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