SM Reveals 3 New Rookies Out of the Blue and Fans are Shaking

“Where does SM Entertainment find these boys?!”

SM Entertainment‘s SM Rookies is a pre-debut team of trainees, often revealed to build up fandom even before actually being placed in any idol boy/girl group. On July 17th, 2018, the agency revealed three new trainees to become a part of SM Rookies and fans are already in love with the visuals!


Hendery, born on September 28, 1999, is from Macao.


Hendery already has fans falling for his looks.

  • “Anyone else getting Cha Eunwoo vibes from Hendery?”

  • “He’s totally my type. I’m going to stan him from now on.”

  • “Just take my money.”


Xiaojun, also born 1999 on August 8, is from Guangdong Province, China.

  • “I have a feeling he gonna wreck me more when he officially makes his SM debut. What a visual!”

  • “We are welcoming xiaojun and his bad bitch energy with open arms.”



The last, but not least, is Yangyang who grew up in Germany. He was born on October 10, 2000.

  • “Yangyang automatically climbed to top 1 on every german kpop stan’s ult list.”

  • “Yangyang made this day a 100% better.”

  • “Wow… Where does SM Entertainment find these boys? They’re all gorgeous and my favorites already.”


Fans anticipate these Rookies to become a part of NCT116, which is expected to be NCT’s China subunit, planning for a potential debut sometime this year.

Stay tuned for more updates!