SM Entertainment Has Revealed Their Album Release Plans For April-June 2024

The schedule features some of the biggest names in the company!

SM Entertainment has unveiled a comprehensive and exciting lineup of album releases scheduled for the second quarter of the year. The slate includes a mix of studio albums, mini-albums, and singles featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. Here’s what fans can look forward to from April to June.

| SM Entertainment


Leading the pack is aespa, SM Entertainment’s rookie girl group, who are set to release their first-ever studio album. After making waves with their innovative concept and chart-topping hits, the group is finally delivering a full-length album. The news is very much welcomed by their fans, who have been eagerly awaiting this release for a long time.


Aespa’s AI companion Naevis is also set for a single release this year, marking her solo debut. The soloist will add an exciting new layer of attention to SM’s existing technological ambitions.

Red Velvet

Adding to the excitement, Red Velvet is set to surprise fans with a mini-album. Known for their versatile music and captivating concepts, Red Velvet’s unexpected announcement has sparked a wave of anticipation among Reveluvs and the K-Pop community.


SHINee continues to impress with the announcement of a new mini-album. Fans are overjoyed to see the decade-old boy group maintaining their consistent presence in the music scene, ensuring their musical journey continues to evolve and inspire.

EXO’s Suho

Suho from EXO is also joining the lineup with a mini-album. Known for his soulful voice and charismatic stage presence, Suho’s upcoming release is highly anticipated by EXO-Ls and K-Pop fans alike.


Following their most recent hit, “Love 119,” RIIZE is preparing to release a mini album in the second quarter. This will mark their first mini-album after a series of single releases, signaling a new chapter for the group. Additionally, the group will also release a single.


NCT’s China sub-unit, WayV is set also set to release a mini album within this time period. This will come fresh off member Ten’s official solo debut.

NCT Dream

The Dream boys are preparing to release a Japanese single soon.


The youngest and final NCT unit will also release a Japanese single, continuing NCT’s expansion ambitions.

NCT’s Doyoung

NCT’s Doyoung is on the cusp of a solo debut, with details still to be decided. His potential solo venture is highly anticipated, given his vocal talent and popularity within NCT.


Queen BoA is preparing to release a single after a long time from her last release.

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon (HYO)

HYO is also set to release a single, with fans excited to hear what new fresh beats the Girls’ Generation member will bring to the scene.