SM Songwriter Reveals Possible Songs For SuperM, Baekhyun, Kai, NCT, And New Girl Group

SM Entertainment artists have quite a bit of music on the way.

A songwriter and producer by the name of Kole recently shared an Instagram story of working on music while at SM Entertainment. In the process, they revealed the names of songs that could be possible title tracks for SuperM, NCT, Baekhyun, and Kai.

They’d also revealed ones that the company could be using for their upcoming girl group, listing familiar writers such as Chikk, Adrian, and Kenzie who have previously worked with SM’s groups.

For SM’s latest group SuperM, there were three songs listed. Possibly continuing their upbeat sound for their next album, there was “Wild” and “Paris, Dance” along with one named “My Queen”.

Baekhyun was listed as having three songs as well. Seeming to keep the sexy vibe from City Lights, they were named “Lucky 7”, “Feel You Up”, and “R U Ridin”.

Maybe hinting at a solo debut, there was one song for Kai titled “Candy Rough”. NCT had one song as well, leaving fans wondering what unit it could be for: “Bounce”.

The most exciting part of the list was the mention of “NGG,” which is the same acronym fans have been using in place of “New Girl Group.” With the songs “Mine”, “No Problems”, and “Siren”, fans believe they could be the songs SM’s upcoming girl group could be debuting with.

It looks like SM’s artists have quite a bit of music heading fans’ way. Are you looking forward to hearing what these groups could be doing with these songs?