Fans Spot Alleged SM Trainees At NCT Concert

Their masks could not hide their good looks.

Fans have been speculating that a group of men spotted at NCT‘s recent Seoul concert were SM trainees.

NCT held their first concert “Neo City: Seoul – The Origin” on January 27 at the Olympic Park in Jamsil, Seoul. On this day, numerous SM artists such as TVXQ‘s Yunho, EXO‘s Xiumin, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, Joy and Irene showed up to support NCT.


But what caught the eyes of the audience was a group of men who walked in all at once.


Each of them wore dark outfits with a mask but even from afar, they had a special presence about them.


A few photos give a glimpse of few of them up close and it was apparent that their masks could not hide their good looks.


Fans have been expressing that their visuals suit the “SM look” and speculate that they could be a part of NCT’s new team.


The reason fans are convinced that they are SM trainees is that SM trainees have a tradition of watching the concerts of SM artists before their debut. Red Velvet, EXO and NCT were also previously seen watching concerts of their senior SM artists before their debut. Not only was this for their experience, they also had to write reviews about the concert.

The NCT members had also written reviews after attending their senior SM artists’ concerts before their debut:


And while it’s not 100% clear if they are indeed SM trainees, they’ve succeeded in arousing fans’ interest regardless!

Source: Dispatch