“Street Man Fighter” Fans Terrorize BoA’s Instagram, Accusing Her Of “Seducing” The Male Contestants

They accuse her of flirting and more.

Talented soloist and veteran artist BoA is currently reprising her role as a judge on Mnet‘s dancing reality show, Street Man Fighter. She previously hosted as a judge during the show’s female version, Street Woman Fighter. Street Man Fighter is helmed by BoA, 2PM‘s Wooyoung, and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk.

Street Man Fighter (SMF) gained strong popularity from the get-go, with fans going crazy over the teams. Handsome men, great dancing skills, and reality drama made for a good combination. But fans of the dance crews seemed to have a bone to pick with BoA. Fans began to attack her for allegedly flirting with the contestants.

Fans began to terrorize her through Instagram comments.

  • “How dare you be a judge when you don’t know anything about dance and only sing? Why are you trying to seduce men?! Did they give you money or something?”
  • “BoA playing at being the queen bee… Just who is judging who… Jay Park personally said that he was in discussions with Mnet for it but it got called off. I can tell just what the reason it got called off was. Because BoA wouldn’t be able to play at being queen bee then. If a professional judge with experience in the street scene came, then people wouldn’t even notice BoA on screen. Next season, please just volunteer to not be on it.”
  • “BoA, if you’re a judge, do things properly please.”
  • “Did you suddenly get a dislike for 5000? I’m not a fan of all 8 crews but you’re f*cking not even looking at him.”

They called into question her authority as a judge compared to multiple contestants who have been in the scene for almost as long as BoA has been a singer.

  • “Is this really a judge for SMF?”
  • “Please do something about your judging… Please.”
  • “It’s a program to choose the best dancer…not your ideal type.”
  • “Bet there was some under-the-table money.”
  • “Who are you to judge SMF and SWF? Are you a better dancer than them?”
  • “It’s not a comedy show where you win if you’re funny and flirty! What are you doing with all these top dancers…”

Unfortunately, this is not limited to K-fans of the show. International viewers have also been questioning BoA’s motives.

While fans of the dancers remain upset with BoA’s judging, BoA’s fans have been reassuring her through Instagram comments that she is working hard and asking her to ignore the haters.

Source: theqoo