‘SMTM5’ BeWhy reveals he’s a big fan of BIGBANG

A press conference was recently held for the winning team and contestant of Show Me The Money 5, where BeWhy revealed the history behind his stage name.

Held on July 19th, the media interview was held in Shinsadong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. There, BeWhy revealed, “My stage name was created according to my initials.”

He continued, “In middle school, I heard BIGBANG‘s music for the first time. That’s how I came by my name by copying G-Dragon.” BeWhy created laughter with his confession, saying, “My real name is Lee Byung Yoon. So I just used my initials for BeWhy.”

The Show Me The Money 5 winner then added that there may be concerns regarding the simple creation of his name, and so, came up with a meaning with the help of Cjamm.

BeWhy was part of the Simon Dominic and Gray team for Show Me The Money 5. As part of his final stage, BeWhy worked directly as a producer, showcasing his abilities as a musician.

Source: Star News