SMTM777 Winner Nafla Proved His Friendship With Runner Up Loopy Is Worth More Than $22,000

These two went from Show Me The Money to Show Me The Bromance!

If you are a Show Me The Money 777 fan, you’ll know that Nafla and Loopy are total bromance goals.

Loopy and Nafla have been making music together for a long time in the U.S., under the label MK IT RAIN. After struggling to make it in L.A., they decided to try out for Show Me The Money together in order to bring attention to the music of their label.


The two friends were the two finalists for this season, with Nafla being crowned the winner — receiving 200 million KRW (~$178k USD) and a new car.


Soon after the finale, Nafla decided to surprise Loopy with a huge gift and show how important their friendship is. He revealed that Loopy always joked to him that if he won, he should sell the prize car to Loopy cheaply.


Nafla brought Loopy along with him to the car dealership to pick up the car, under the guise that Loopy would get a taste of the car before buying it from Nafla. Loopy totally believed him as Nafla only has a U.S. license, meaning Loopy had to be there to drive the car for it’s test drive.


Nafla went through the motions of checking the paperwork and signing off as well.


The dealership representative let the two know that with the full options, the value of the car was 25,500,000 KRW (~$22,818 USD).

Nafla teased Loopy saying, “It feels like reality now, right?” to which Loopy sadly replied, “I can feel the reality that I placed 2nd now.”


Finally, the two went off to test drive the car but right before they got in Nafla ripped up the contract and told Loopy “It’s yours!”

That’s when Loopy realized that Nafla planned to give him the car all along!


Even when they started driving, he still felt suspicious that it was a hidden camera. He said that since it was the most expensive present he’s ever received, he was debating with himself as to whether he should really keep it.

To that Nafla joked, “Your phone is already connected to the car’s Bluetooth!”


No matter what comes in between them, Nafla proved that their friendship will be the first priority above anything else!