Girls’ Generation Yoona is the first member to join the Honor Society

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona has been given the honor to join the Honor Society as a new member, having helped many families with low income over the past few years.

The Honor Society is a group of donors created by the Fruits of Love foundation.

In response to the slew of reports regarding her previous secret charity work, the singer-actress-model said, “I didn’t want to make a big fuss and help those in need quietly. However, I realized that it is also important to cooperate with others in helping the needy. I decided to join the Honor Society with the new year because I want to help in bettering the culture of sharing any way I can. I also want to continue to give and help those who are facing difficulties.”

The president of Seoul’s Fruits of Love foundation, Lee Yun Bae, commented, “To do something on a regular basis takes will and hard work. Yoona’s unchanging attitude of giving for the last five years will inspire many people to contribute in sharing love to their neighbors.”

Source: Top Star News