“So When Are They Getting Married?” Actor Lee Dong Wook Blatantly Flirts With Popular Korean Comedian — Now, Netizens Want A Wedding

He has everyone’s hearts fluttering.

Actor Lee Dong Wook made hearts flutter when he did an interview with comedian Jang Do Yeon and blatantly flirted with her. Now, netizens want them to get married.

Jang Do Yeon (left) and Lee Dong Wook (right) | TEO/YouTube 

On July 25, the YouTube channel TEO uploaded an episode of Salon Drip, a talk show hosted by Jang Do Yeon. The Tale of the Nine Tailed actor is known to be a long-time friend of Jang Do Yeon, so the two of them conversed casually and comfortably.

First, the host mentioned how she heard he wasn’t feeling well. According to Lee Dong Wook, he stretched the ligament in his shoulder while filming an action scene for a drama the day before the interview and had his bones separated, causing the muscles to be ruptured.


Jang Do Yeon expressed her concern and said she would have been okay with a phone call interview so that he could rest and heal. However, Lee Dong Wook insisted on coming in person because he felt bad about what he did during his past SBS talk show, Wook Talk.

I always felt indebted to Jang Do Yeon. When I did talk shows with her, I felt like her outstanding talent was overshadowed by me, so I always felt sorry about that.

— Lee Dong Wook

Jang Do Yeon and Lee Dong Wook | Oh My Star

Jang Do Yeon reassured him, telling him she was paid for appearing on it, that she had fun, and that there was no need to feel indebted. Then, the two’s chemistry officially began, with Lee Dong Wook saying something that made Jang Do Yeon’s heart flutter.

I came here because of Jang Do Yeon. I texted you… to call me anytime you need anything. Usually, I contact you first… Why won’t you call me?

— Lee Dong Wook

This made Jang Do Yeon shyly cover her face with her cue cards, and she yelled out, “Aw! I’m getting butterflies!” Then she made a comeback that had netizens squealing.

I’ll text you tonight.

— Jang Do Yeon

| TEO/YouTube

The flirty and heart-fluttering moments continued when Jang Do Yeon asked Lee Dong Wook to list his top ten favorite acquaintances in the entertainment industry. Jang Do Yeon was, of course, on the list.

If I had to pick a top 10, Jang Do Yeon is definitely on the list. You always have a place in my heart… That’s why I came here. Honestly, because of my muscle rupture, it’s quite hard to sit, but me being here, talking to you is all for Jang Do Yeon.

— Lee Dong Wook


Upon hearing Lee Dong Wook’s flirty words, Jang Do Yeon had a short but impactful comeback.

Then can I be frank? When are you going to confess?

— Jang Do Yeon

She jokingly asked him when he would confess his feelings to her, but his response gave netizens butterflies. It also made Jang Do Yeon get excited.


— Lee Dong Wook


The flirty moments continued when Lee Dong Wook asked Jang Do Yeon, who has always had a short hairstyle, if she had thoughts about growing out her hair. Jang Do Yeon replied that she had grown out her hair before, but she felt like she looked like a man with long hair. She then asked Lee Dong Wook, “Why? Do you prefer long hair?” And Lee Dong Wook replied that he was just randomly curious—and that he was just interested in her.

No, it’s just people say that we have similar hair styles and that’s why they also say we look good together. But I was curious because you seem to always have short hair. I’m showing interest, I’m showing interest.

— Lee Dong Wook


Their flirty interactions continued throughout the interview, and netizens could not get enough. They expressed how much they ship this couple and that they want them to get married.

| theqoo
  • “Even if they don’t date, I’m jealous of their relationship lol”
  • “Um, excuse me… I’m suing you”
  • “Please make it happen quickly”
  • “Why am I getting butterflies?”
  • “I watched this 100 times, and my heart fluttered 100 times”
  • “Ah, I love itㅠ”
  • “Please. Date.”
  • “Can the two please get married… Please, it’s a fan’s wish”
  • “Oppa, you’re guilty… I’m going to sue youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “They’re still not dating? Wth”
  • “You can’t do this if you’re not going to marry her ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ if you marry her, it’s fine”
  • “But for real LOL Jang Do Yeon doesn’t budge even when Lee Dong Wook does this hahaha they seem to be really close and have a good relationship”
  • “So when are they getting married???”
  • “Can… the two of them… please do a couple photoshoot…”
  • “Now I understand why people were so into ‘We Got Married'”
  • “Isn’t it a crime to do this if you’re not going to date them😭😭😭😭😭”
  • “Please confess to herㅜㅜㅜ (believing it’s real)
  • “Isn’t this a public declaration of love.. guilty, totally guilty”
  • “I’ll be waiting for the good news”
  • “Start looking for English kindergartens~~~”
  • “I approve of this couple”
  • “I wouldn’t even be surprised if he announced his marriage to Jang Do Yeon… but I want to marry her lol”
  • “I never really believed in these celebrity couple concepts, but this one…”

The two stars’ flirty interactions clearly excited many people, evident through the video getting over 2 million views in just two days.

Watch the flirty interview here.

Source: TEO/YouTube  and theqoo