So Ji Sub Donated 100 Million KRW To Seniors Who Will Be Alone During The Chuseok Holiday

So Ji Sub continues to donate to help the less fortunate.

Actor So Ji Sub donated 100 Million KRW (approximately $85,947 USD) for senior citizens who will be alone during South Korea’s major holiday, Chuseok.


On September 21, a South Korean NGO called GoodNeighbors has revealed that they’ve received a 100 Million KRW donation from So Ji Sub.

The donation money will be used to provide senior citizens with food kits, COVID-19 prevention cleaning kits, and products to help them stay warm during one of the most celebrated holidays in South Korea.


Over the years, So Ji Sub has always been generous with donations for the less fortunate. Earlier this year, he donated 350 Million KRW (approximately $300,816 USD) to GoodNeighbors to help people affected by COVID-19 that are struggling financially.


Once again, fans were touched by So Ji Sub’s continuous generosity and compassion for the less fortunate.