There Is So Much Drama Going On Between Korea’s Top Musical Theatre Actors, Here’s What You Need To Know

“Sue for what?…”

K-Pop fans may not know, but Korea boasts a robust musical theatre industry. With their renditions of Broadway hits and beautiful venues for audiences, the musical theatre industry has been steadily receiving love from the public.  If you are a musical theatre fan and ever in the country, you might want to check it out!

Cast of musical Empress Myeongseong | Chosun Ilbo

Seoul Arts Center | Hankook Ilbo

That being said, there has been a ton of drama between the industry’s most well-known actors lately, and it even involves a K-Pop star!

The drama started when veteran musical actor Kim Ho Young aired out his one-time bestie and first-generation K-Pop star Fin.K.L‘s Ok Joo Hyun on Instagram.

Kim Ho Young | The Fact

Ok Joo Hyun | @o._.julia/Instagram

The musical actor uploaded a story to his Instagram where he called out the diva for influencing the casting of the upcoming musical Elizabeth. Kim Young Ho hints that Ok Joo Hyun used her influence to only cast her friends for the musical.

Kim Young Ho’s Instagram story where he calls the Musical Industry a “Jade” mat. Many felt “Jade” pronounced “Ok” in Korean is a play on words for Ok Joo Hyun, and the mat is describing the industry, hinting at the actress’s influence in the industry | @hoyhoyoung/Instagram

Poster for Elizabeth the musical | EMK

Fans were caught off-guard as the two are known to be really close, but the whole industry would soon be shocked to learn that Ok Joo Hyun filed a defamation suit against Kim Ho Young for calling her out.

Ok Joo Hyun | Chosun Ilbo

It doesn’t end there. As soon as news of the defamation suit got out, Kim Ho Young announced he would be suing Ok Joo Hyun right back.

Kim Ho Young | Chosun

Netizens were then shocked to find out that soon after, musical actors Shin Young Sook, and Jung Sun Ah who were both considered for roles in the musical Elizabeth, all unfollowed Ok Joo Hyun.

Fans were surprised as Jung Sun Ah is known to have taken Ok Joo Hyun under her wings. Jung Sun Ah is one of Korea’s leading musical actors, and is known to have vouched for Ok Joo Hyun when the industry first shunned her for her idol background.

Jung Sun Ah | @Summer.jeong/Instagram

Shin Young Sook is also considered one of the best Musical Theatre actors in the country. The actor is a household name among fans of musical theatre.

Shin Young Sook | @shin_young_sook_/Instagram

Netizens reacted to all this, with many saying that it is unfortunate to see their favorite stars suing one another.

  • “Oh, and FYI after Kim Young Ho stated he would countersue, Shin Young Sook and Jung Sun Ah both unfollowed Ok Joo Hyun. They were considered for roles in Elizabeth and are the ones musical theatre fans really want to see.”
  • “How can Ok Joo Hyun sue him for that?”
  • “There’s no way she’s going to win… free money.”
  • “Why would Jung Sun Ah, who sincerely cared for Ok Joo Hyun, unfollow her?”
  • “Most of the public was rooting for Kim Young Ho, and the lawsuit will give him wings.”
  • “Ok Joo Hyun is only nice to Hyori. To everyone else she is quick-tempered.”
  • “Sue for what? It’s funny she’s getting so upset.”
  • “She’s trying to silence his criticism.”
Source: Chosun, Wikitree and Vogue