New Netflix Sitcom Starring GOT7’s Youngjae and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie Is So Worth The Excitement

This is going to be SO worth the wait.

Netflix Korea has released stills from their new original sitcom So Not Worth It and we’re beyond excited! This diverse drama focuses on a multinational group of students who live in a Seoul university dorm.

| Netflix Korea

The star-studded ensemble cast includes Park Se Wan, Shin Hyun Seung, Han Hyun Min (African-Korean model) and some of our K-Pop favorites (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie and GOT7‘s Youngjae.

Ahgases are so happy to see the return of Actor Youngjae and are eagerly waiting the release of the drama. This is Youngjae’s second role since the 2015 mini series Dream Knight that starred GOT7.

Dream Knight | IMDB

In So Not Worth It, he will portray Sam, the son of the CEO of a tteokbokki Australia food chain. Minnie’s character will share her name and be a Thai student who has idealized Korea due to K-Dramas.

The official release date has yet to be released at this time, but it is expected to be scheduled for the later half of 2021.

Source: Netflix Korea