Soccer player Park Joo Young scores debut goal for new team

Soccer player Park Joo Young scores his first goal as new member of Team Al-Shabab.

On October 1st, pro soccer player Park Joo Young joined Saudi Arabia’s team Al-Shabab, scoring his first goal on October 18th.

The game was long and intense, bringing tension to both the players and fans alike. It was a close match for team Al-Shabab, as there wasn’t a singe goal scored until over-time, however, at the very last moment Park Joo Young scored a miracle goal, bringing victory to the team!

Normally when a debut goal is scored, players perform a “praying ceremony,” to set a tone for their continuous journey with their new team. However, since the “praying ceremony” could possibly bring controversy or criticism in an Islamic country, Park Joo Young performed a “sky ceremony,” pointing his two index fingers at the sky.

The soccer player also didn’t forget to celebrate with his fellow teammates as well.

Source: Sports Seoul