Soccer Player Son Heung Min Responds To BTS RM’s “SON” Cap Support

From a superstar, to a superstar.

During their London Wembley Stadium concert, BTS showed an undying support for the South Korean soccer player Son Heung Min who was playing in the UEFA Champion’s League the same day. RM wore a “SON” cap on stage during the performance of “Anpanman” and showed it off to the camera in a wholehearted encouragement for the athlete.


Son Heung Min, in an interview, shared that he is aware of what RM did for him! While he apologized for “not being able to bring home any good results”, Son Heung Min thanked BTS for such an overwhelming amount of love and support.


Son Heung Min also pointed out that, when RM internationally showcased his love for Son, his teammates asked if “he knew BTS”. Son Heung Min proudly explained that as an ARMY himself, he looks forward to whatever more BTS has in store for the world!

Yeah, my teammates came and asked me… Do you know BTS? So… I mean, they’re huge in the UK. They’re huge everywhere.

— Son Heung Min


Lastly, Son Heung Min asked ARMYs to let RM and BTS know that he is also a huge fan and that he will continue to send positive thoughts their way. And fans simply can’t get enough of these world class superstars fanboying each other!


Watch Son Heung Min’s interview clip below: