Sofia Carson Gets Backlash For Taking A Picture With BTS

Fans are saying she joined their photo out of nowhere.

Sofia Carson, an American singer, and actress who is best known for being in Disney‘s The Descendants as well as the show Pretty Little Liars is getting hate for taking a picture with BTS.

The idol group and Sofia were both on the red carpet for the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs). While the boys of BTS were on the carpet, Sofia is seen standing next to J-Hope and posing with the boys.

Suga and V are seen looking her way as she poses with them. They appear confused as to why she was joining their photo.

Many are claiming that it was too out of the blue that she posed with them. She had no affiliations with the group before the photo. Some fans are claiming that she may be using BTS as a way to get attention, and many are also bringing up how rude it was for her to insert herself in the photo.

Some fans are saying that she isn’t being rude, however. In the video, she can be heard asking the boys if she can join the photo. Sofia also tells BTS that she’s a big fan, and wishes them good luck on the awards shows.

Fans are still unhappy, however. They claim that the boys didn’t see her until she touched J-Hope’s shoulder, which could have made them uncomfortable. In East Asian culture, skinship is usually done with people you are close to, so some people found it rude since she touched J-Hope’s shoulder without asking.

People also brought up that if it were the other way around, and if a random man she didn’t know join her photo and touch her shoulder, she would probably feel uncomfortable.

Hopefully, the boys of BTS didn’t feel uncomfortable by the sudden interaction.