Sohye Talks About Her Depression and Future I.O.I Reunion

Sohye has revealed in an interview that I.O.I may reunite as a group in 5 years time and how she fights her depression.

In an exclusive interview, I.O.I’s Sohye has revealed her plans for her immediate future, as well as plans for I.O.I in five years time.

First, she was asked how she felt about the disbandment of I.O.I, to which she revealed that reality hasn’t hit yet because the members all still stay in touch together in a group chat, as well as see each other at the hairdressers occasionally.

“This is probably the hardest question to answer. To be honest, it doesn’t feel like it really happened. The concert ended but I still can’t feel it, and we [members] all still stay in touch and have our own group chat. We share each other’s photos in that room and see each other at the hairdressers. I still don’t know.. I think we’ll feel the reality once the members debut under their own groups and with their own songs.”

The other members would help me keep my mental health, but now that I’m alone, I’m a little depressed. When I miss my members, I’ll video call them. I don’t really check my social media. So sometimes the other members scold me. I feel secure since we have a group chat room. Nowadays, I’m trying to find an activity I can call my hobby.”

Kim Sohye of I.O.I

Sohye was also asked about her plans and goals in becoming an actor, in which she revealed that she wasn’t quite confident in being one just yet. She wants to become an actor when she is confident in herself and is able to let go of her image as an artist in order to play any role given to her.

“I really want to try my best in acting. I know I lack the skills so I need to believe in myself first… I can sense that I’m really ambitious when it comes to acting, but I’ll have to be more careful and sensitive about that.

Right now, there aren’t any particular roles I want to play. I just want to be able to act naturally. I wasn’t even really considering which roles I would want, but later on, I want to play someone dark. I really want to act where I can let myself go.”

Kim Sohye of I.O.I

Finally, she was asked if she would be willing to join I.O.I again if they were to reunite in 5 years, to which she immediately agreed and expressed a strong desire to do so.

“[If I don’t join the reunion], that’s betraying the other members. We are very sure we’re going to reunite. There’s a possibility we chose 5 years half in jest, half in earnest, but now it’s become our earnest desire. That’s something we want, and something our fans want. In 5 years, our members will all be shining in their own fields, so hopefully we can all meet again then.”

– Kim Sohye of I.O.I

Source: Sports DongA, OSEN