(★BREAKING) Sokcho Covered In Wildfire As Residents Are Told To Evacuate The City

1 death and 11 injuries have been reported so far.

The east-northern area of South Korea is in an emergency situation as uncontainable wildfires are quickly spreading towards the cities. The fire reportedly started from a roadside transformer that was located near a gas station.


23 firetrucks with 78 firefighters quickly reported to the scene, but they failed to contain the fire as harsh winds carried the flames throughout the dry mountains. The fire quickly spread over 5km in just under an hour. Sokcho’s fire department has called for assistance from neighboring provinces, such as Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Choongbuk.


As the wildfire continued to grow towards the major cities, over 800 Sokcho residents have begun evacuating their homes and the area. The government sent out a mass notice for residents to flee to neighboring schools and training facilities.


Reports claim that 1 death and 11 injuries have been reported so far, but news reporters believe more death and damages will inevitably be filed as the fire continues.


Sokcho is a popular city located just 2.5 hours away from Seoul by train. It is famous as a vacation destination as it is situated right along the east coast.

Source: Yonhap News, The Qoo and Sports Khan