Solji and Hani reveal hint at a possible Dasoni comeback

At a recent showcase, EXID members Solji and Hani dropped hints at a possible unit comeback as Dasoni in the future.

On May 12th, the two girl group members attended the showcase for the upcoming animation film Home at Times Square Yeongdeungpo, Yeongdeungpo-dong in Seoul as its ambassadors.

They said, “Somehow, this feeling is very familiar to us. It makes us think back on our Dasoni days,” and continued to say, “Dasoni may come back soon. We sang this song (‘Feel The Light’) as if we were practicing in advanced.” 

Netizens who saw the news commented, “I look forward to Dasoni,” “Solji, Hani, you guys sing well,” “Solji, Hani, daebak.”

Dasoni is the first unit from EXID that made their debut in 2013, releasing the single “Goodbye.” They recently released an OST track “Feel The Light” together for the DreamWorks Animation film Home, which follows the Boov looking for a place to call home as they are chased by their enemy, the Gorg.

Source: Herald Pop