Solji tears up as she receives first settlement payment from EXID’s promotions

EXID’s Solji is revealed to have burst into tears after she received her first settlement money from her agency.

According to Newsen on May 19th, Solji received the personal profit from the agency following EXID’s recent promotions. This was the first personal profit she received after being active as a singer for the past ten years and was revealed to have returned the gratitude to her parents.

It was revealed that the singer was too overwhelmed in receiving her first profit, she was unable to hide her tears as she bought them presents.

Solji initially made her debut back in 2006 as part of 2NB. Since the group disbanded, she focused on teaching vocal lessons before eventually joining EXID.

EXID captured the interest of the public with their last track “Up & Down,” which has gone viral and has been promoting their latest track “Ah Yeah” since then.

Source: Newsen