From Solo Activities To Brand Endorsements, How BTS Is Spending Time During Group’s Hiatus

They are busy even during their hiatus.

K-Pop idol group BTS, currently on hiatus to fulfill military duties, has been presenting music to fans in various ways. With oldest member Jin enlisting in the military last year, the members have continued with individual activities from solo albums to entertainment appearances.

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Above all, BTS is showing a different charm from group activities through different collaborations for their global fans. Member Jimin garnered much attention for his feature in BIGBANG Taeyang’s new song, “VIBE,” back in January. Known to be a huge role model and fan, Jimin was also featured in the music video, completing a stage between senior and junior artists.

In regards to working with Jimin, Taeyang stated, “He is a very hardworking person. I’m pretty hardworking myself, but Jimin worked so hard that I couldn’t keep up with him.”

Following this, leader RM participated as a feature for So!YoON!’s new song, “Smoke Sprite” from her second solo album, Episode 1: Love. The collaboration between an indie band and world star BTS aroused great curiosity even before its release.

| 새소년 SE SO NEON/YouTube

The two created a fresh and new sound, and RM announced that he had grown as an artist by challenging himself to work outside the mainstream music industry. At the time, So!YoON! revealed, “When we first met, we played each other’s demo songs, and he liked mine and ended up working on it together.”

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Member Suga also filled his solo album with various feature artists. He collaborated once again with singer IU for his pre-release track, “People Pt. 2.” The two, who previously featured in IU’s digital single, “Eight,” once again created a successful duet and received a good response on the charts.

In addition, Suga is also receiving much attention for working with other artists, including The Rose’s Woosung, the late Ryuichi Sakamato, and J-Hope.

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With member J-Hope enlisting in the military on April 18, and V and Jungkook busy with brand endorsements, fans are excited to see what else the boys have in store this year.

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