Controversy Erupts After Viral Dating Show Contestant Threatens To Sue Castmate

“The show is now over, and now we are going to have a big fight…”

A viral dating show contestant threatened to take a castmate to court.

“Ok Soon” (pictured) previously went viral for resembling Son Ye Jin | @elizabeth0912i/Instagram

On October 10, I Am Solo contestant “Ok Soon” (real name redacted), who is one of the 16th group of contestants, revealed that she would take “Young Sook” (real name redacted) to court.

“Young Sook” | @rina_rina_baek/Instagram

In an Instagram post, the contestant, who is also an accomplished artist in Korea, alleged that Young Sook had defamed her after the airing of the group’s episode.

She has been saying bad things about me endlessly after the episodes aired.

— Ok Soon

Previously, Young Sook spoke about Ok Soon on a reunion episode that aired on YouTube. In the episode, Young Sook stated she was disappointed that Ok Soon was not in attendance.

“Young Sook” in an argument with “Ok Soon” during an episode

I thought Ok Soon unnie would be here. I’m not sure what happened as we had made amends and were ok. I think we could have resolved our issues if we talked, so I’m disappointed that she isn’t here.

— Young Sook

The clip went viral, which made Ok Soon lament the fact that Young Sook has been talking about her so often.

I haven’t watched any of our episodes. I am not even interested. But after the episode, there have been YouTube videos of her talking about me every day in my feed. I don’t understand why she has to talk about other people.

People have been telling me a lot of the things she said. I heard she said that one of the contestants acts rich to marry a rich man. After I find out for myself, I will sue for defamation. The show is now over, and now we are going to have a big fight.

— Ok Soon

I Am Solo is one of Korea’s most-watched dating shows. The show is known for its matter-of-fact portrayal of dating. The show is also known for hiding the names of its contestants and giving them monikers to protect their privacy.

Source: wikitree