Soloist Jay Chang Mugged While Livestreaming

He was mugged while walking out of a store.

Last week, Jay Chang was mugged while recording an Instagram live.

Jay Chang | @jaychang63/Instagram

Jay Chang was a contestant on the survival show, Under Nineteen. On this show, K-Pop trainees under the age of 19 competed to earn a spot in 1THE9, the debut group formed through the show. While on the show, he won fans over with his gorgeous voice, and many viewers hoped he would become a soloist.

Jay Chang on Under Nineteen | @jaychangarchive/Twitter

Since being eliminated from the show, he’s built a solid career as a solo artist, and even more fans have fallen in love with his voice and his amazing original songs. This year, he embarked on a US tour with M.O.N.T. Arena‘s Beomhan. The two performed the final show of the tour in Los Angeles on December 5.

| @Chiffon_Wong/Twitter

Just a few days after his tour ended, Jay Chang was mugged while doing an Instagram live. In the live video, he was shown walking out of a CVS Pharmacy. As he walked and talked to the fans watching his live stream, the mugger snatched his phone while saying, “Hey, give me that.”

| @jaychang63/Instagram

As the mugger ran off with Jay’s phone, he noticed that his crime had been live-streamed on Instagram. He said “ahh s**t” as he dropped the phone and ran off.

For a while, all fans saw was a black screen and they flooded the live’s comments with questions about what just happened.

When he finally retrieved his phone, Jay asked “Hello?”

Then, he said, “Okay, that just happened.” 

Someone nearby must have witnessed the mugging, and they asked if Jay was okay. He responded, “Yeah no, it’s okay.” 

Fans who witnessed the mugging during the Instagram live were worried about Jay after they saw what happened. Fans who only heard about what happened were worried, too. Jay tweeted about the mugging later to give his fans an update. He said he was fine, his phone was fine, and he still had all his belongings.

We’re glad Jay is safe!

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