Somi Has The Best Response To A Fan Who Bashed THE BLACK LABEL

She wasn’t happy about THE BLACK LABEL at all and Somi had a response.

Jeon Somi recently updated her Instagram with photos from her time behind the scenes of Zion.T‘s latest music video filming. Somi and Zion.T are well-known friends who are also under the same label, THE BLACK LABEL – a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

If I get behind a wheel, everyone would be on emergency mode.. right..?

— Somi

But one fan used this opportunity to express her deep hate against THE BLACK LABEL. The fan claimed the label was doing a poor job of promoting Somi and allowing her to have many comebacks.

But Somi took that negative energy and decided to respond with the best comment ever. She simply wrote, “chill yo“.

Somi calmed the fan down with love while still defending her label. She wanted the fan to be patient but didn’t forget to share some love with an adorable smiling emoji with hearts!

Somi joined THE BLACK LABEL in 2018 after leaving JYP Entertainment, a company she had trained with for many years. She officially made her solo debut with “BIRTHDAY” back in June 2019.

The fan may not have been aware, but Somi has continually expressed that she’s always working on new music. She even updated her Instagram of herself at the recording studio, with the caption “DONE“.

Although it’s unsure when Somi will be gracing the stage again, THE BLACK LABEL is preparing for her next takeover sometime soon!

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