Here’s How THE BLACK LABEL Led Somi Straight To Success, From I.O.I To A Solid Female Soloist

She’s grown up so much!

After a busy summer, Somi is finally winding down the promotions for her mega-hit “Dumb Dumb”. The song brought quite a bit of attention to how much the former I.O.I member has grown since her time as her group’s center.

Somi during “Very Very Very” with I.O.I (Left) and Somi on set for her “Dumb Dumb” MV (Right) | | & @somsomi0309/Instagram

Somi explained where she believes this growth came from in her interview on The Standard Pop‘s YouTube channel.

She began by explaining the surface level changes that have come with both age and the freedom that a soloist experiences.

Comparing the IOI Somi to the current Somi really shows how much I’ve grown. Simply getting older, I lost all my baby fat. Got to try more mature looks, and I started to figure out what looks best on me. I then really tried to find and develop my own color and style.


She then shared a part of her growth that has received less attention but has been ever present throughout this comeback; her artistic growth.

My growth as an artist was starting from when I came to THE BLACK LABEL. I got to see the entire music production process and became more ambitious about wanting to become an artist who creates their own music. I want to show you guys more of the artist Somi in the future!


When Somi moved from longtime home JYP Entertainment to THE BLACK LABEL in 2018, some were wary as to what this might mean for her career. Those fears were assuaged, however, when fans began to see writing credits on all of her songs under THE BLACK LABEL.

Somi’s 2nd comeback poster, “What You Waiting For” | @somsomi0309/Instagram

The producers and I worked hard in making this song and it means so much that it’s getting so much love,” she mentioned casually in an earlier part of the interview.

While Somi might downplay some of her achievements, it seems as if her label is supporting her growth fully.

Teddy producer told me that with every comeback I am growing as an artist with a deeper understanding of music and better sense of expression. That was definitely a moment… it just meant a lot hearing that from him.


THE BLACK LABEL seems to be giving Somi the room she needs to grow as an artist. We can’t wait to see where she goes with her talent in the coming years. To see Somi’s full interview, check out the video below: