Somi Has The Most Hilarious Reaction To BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom”

Fans were incredibly supportive.

Somi has always enjoyed interacting with fans, often holding live broadcasts to talk with them.

Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

In March, while filming an Instagram live in YG Entertainment‘s building, Somi accidentally spoiled a brief second of BLACKPINK‘s track “Pink Venom.”

At the time, although Somi was incredibly apologetic, fans of BLACKPINK couldn’t have been happier since it was further proof that the group’s long-awaited comeback was imminent.

Now that “Pink Venom” has been released, fans noticed that the line Somi accidentally spoiled was even changed for the song. In Somi’s live broadcast, Jennie sang, “No, you can’t take me down,” in English. But in the official song, Rosé sings, “It’s tonight, I’m a flower with venom” in Korean.

Fans had joked at the time that Somi would be in trouble with YG Entertainment for the spoiler.

And it seems like Somi felt similarly because when she recently held another Instagram live after the song’s release, she joked about being “banned.

Instagram live is banned in my room… Because… you know what happened.

— Somi

Fans loved her sense of humor about the situation, calling her their “bravest soldier” for “her sacrifice.”

And when Somi reacted to “Pink Venom,” she couldn’t ignore a fan’s comment teasing her for having spoiled the song, laughing at their joke.

POV reacting to the song I leaked.‘ Get out of here!

— Somi

Which fans also loved, appreciating how real she is in her joking around with fans.

Somi also held another live broadcast where she shared some of her recent music recommendations with fans, including “Pink Venom.” She’s clearly a BLACKPINK fan as she sang along to the track.


When it got to Rosé’s part that Somi had accidentally spoiled, she addressed the situation a little more seriously, apologizing for the leak.

Many people clip this part of the video and tag me. Please stop! (laughs) Please stop, let’s leave it as the song came out just now. I’m sorry (I did wrong).

— Somi


But while Somi may have felt genuinely sorry for her mistake, fans couldn’t have been more grateful for the hope she gave them with the spoiler. Reassuring the idol that she had nothing to apologize for.

Somi is understandably well-loved for her incredible talent and her amazing sense of humor that always leaves fans laughing.