Somi Reveals What Changed About Her Since Leaving JYP And Joining YG

She revealed that something’s changed about her.

Somi appeared on Idol Room where the hosts pointed out that she’s the only idol to debut after promoting under both JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment (THE BLACK LABEL’s parent company).


She revealed that something’s changed about her without her even knowing! She went to karaoke with her friends and they pointed out that her way of singing has changed since leaving JYP.

I wasn’t aware of it but when I went to karaoke with my friends, they told me ‘You sing like YG now. You changed.’

— Somi


So what does it mean to “sing like YG“? Somi revealed that the main difference in how JYP and YG ask their artists to sing is feel. She says her new label asks her to sing with “more feel“.


She pointed out that JYP prefers the “half voice, half air” method of singing while THE BLACK LABEL wants you to sing with more swag.


Whether she sings more like the JYP-style or the YG-style, Somi can literally pull off any vocal styles thanks to her natural talent!

Source: Star News