Somi Reunited With Several I.O.I Members For The “DUMB DUMB” Challenge—And They’re All Top Performers

We miss them 🥺

I.O.I stans, it’s time to rejoice! Several members of the original 11-member girl group held mini reunions thanks to Somi. Most recently, Chungha and Somi posted a video of themselves dancing to “DUMB DUMB,” the latter’s most recent comeback.

Somi (Left) and Chungha (Right) | @chungha_official/Instagram

The two were seen in a dance studio wearing casual attire. Instead of taking it seriously, they started the video with a fun atmosphere as they jumped up and down.

From their laughter alone, it was obvious they were comfortable in each other’s presence!

As soon they reached chorus, however, they put on their serious faces and absolutely slayed. They reminded everyone that they’re both top-notch dancers.

As soon as they finished dancing the point choreography, Somi and Chungha returned to their playful selves and jumped up and down once again.

Chungha made sure to repost the video on her Instagram account to show her support even further.

Somi has been posting videos with several celebrities attempting the “DUMB DUMB” challenge on her TikTok account, and Chungha was not the first I.O.I member whom she met up with. From Yeonjung


SOMI x YEONJUNG (유연정) #덤덤챌린지 연정언니는 뼛속까지 케이팝인이야..이걸 어떻게 한번만에 추고..여유까지 부리는거지.. 세정언니는..6번이나..찍었는데… 🤟🏼#somi_dumbdumb #dumbdumbchallenge #전소미 #유연정 #덤덤했다

♬ DUMB DUMB – 전소미

…to Sejeong


SOMI x SEJEONG (김세정) #덤덤챌린지 today’s cast is Ms. Clean Kim~ 너무 잘춰서 👏🏻❤️‍🔥ㅋㅋㅋ💗사랑해요 #somi #sejeong #somi_dumbdumb #dumbdumbchallenge #전소미 #김세정 #덤덤했다

♬ DUMB DUMB – 전소미

…and to Nayoung, they were all perfect. It was also a treat for fans to see the former I.O.I leader on camera considering that she’s no longer active in the K-Pop world. Despite this, she—and everyone in the group—were all outstanding.


전소미 X 임나영우리 아이오아이 멤버 언니들 한명씩 찾아가서 찍어버리게쓰!!첫주자로 임나 언니 ㅜ @nayoung_lim95 고마워엉 사랑해😗💕❤️‍🔥🎀 #dumbdumbchallenge #somi_dumbdumb#전소미 #임나영 #아이오아이 #덤덤챌

♬ DUMB DUMB – 전소미

We love I.O.I’s recent interactions!

I.O.I | @ioi_official_ig/Instagram
Source: TikTok
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