Somi Confessed That She Cried While Watching Other I.O.I Members Debut

The hiatus took a toll on her.

Jeon Somi appeared on Idol Room, where she talked about her long-awaited debut with “BIRTHDAY”. The hosts asked her how she felt about being the last I.O.I member to officially debut after the project group disbanded in 2017.


She confessed that she went through a difficult time watching the rest of the members debut while her own debut was yet to be announced. She even cried from the emotional stress.

I did cry, to be honest. But I pulled through it.

— Somi


But even still, she was happy to see her I.O.I members promoting their own music and cheered each of them on for every promotion!

Everyone was actively promoting but all I could do was cheer them on.

— Somi


And she personally did her best to stay in touch with the fans through social media.


But now that Somi’s made her official debut, the I.O.I members all showered her with love and support since the very first teaser!

Every one of them contacted me.

When my first teaser image dropped, they uploaded it onto our group chat and messaged things like, ‘You’re so pretty’, ‘You’re finally debuting’, and ‘Do well’.

— Somi


Now that all of the I.O.I members have officially debuted, here’s to all of their lasting friendship as they promote together as artists!

Source: Herald Pop