Somi Expresses Excitement Over Her Second Win… Without Breaking The Trophy This Time!

She finally got a replacement for last year’s!

During M Countdown‘s August 12 broadcast, Somi narrowly edged out the competition and reigned victorious with her recent comeback single “DUMB DUMB”! This makes it Somi’s second music show win overall, as she previously took home a trophy for “What You Waiting For” about a year ago.

As soon as she found out the result, Somi’s nervous expression immediately turned into a bright smile as she excitedly clapped her hands and jumped up and down!

After that, Somi began her encore performance, inviting both of her managers (including Soonho!) and makeup artist Pony to come onstage and celebrate with her.

Then, at the very end before she exited the stage, Somi shocked everyone by making a hilarious statement: “Gamsahamnidaaa~ Look, I didn’t break my trophy today~~~!” Even the M Countdown staff couldn’t stop themselves from laughing!

This was in reference to the little incident from last year’s award ceremony that went viral among K-Pop fans around the world! Somi was so emotional when receiving her very first trophy that she accidentally dropped it on the ground, making an adorably meme-able face before continuing to enjoy herself with the rest of her backup dances!

Fans thought her spontaneous announcement was absolutely priceless, voicing their happiness for Somi’s accomplishment and also her unharmed trophy:

What do you think about Somi’s endearing celebration?