Somi Had Fans Screaming When She Did One Simple Action At The Airport—And Honestly, Same

It was too cool.

K-Pop soloist Somi made jaws drop with her flawless visuals at the airport, but that’s not the only reason fans were screaming her name!


On November 28, the “XOXO” singer was spotted at Incheon International Airport as she headed to Japan for the 2022 MAMA Awards.

She stunned in an oversized shearling jacket from luxury brand Prada, which she is an ambassador of. She also wore a timeless Prada shirt and carried a cute black bag from the same brand. To top it all off, she kept the sun out of her eyes with a chic pair of shades.

Fans who saw her pictures were floored, calling her “beautiful” and saying she “looks so good.”

But it was when she did one simple action that fans really started screaming.

After fixing her hair for a moment, she raised one hand and effortlessly took off her shades, fully revealing her gorgeous face. The people watching couldn’t catch a breath!

The adoration for the singer didn’t end there. Once she entered the airport, she made fans swoon when she winked…

…and she touched hearts when she accepted a gift and immediately hung it on her bag.

It just goes to show that Somi isn’t just beautiful, she’s also incredibly sweet and thoughtful!