Somi Had The Funniest Reactions To Her Staff’s Continuous Compliments—Here’s What She Did

She’s hilarious 😂

In Somi‘s behind the scenes video for her “Be Original” performance with Studio Choom, fans caught a glimpse of her fun relationship with the staff.

As she reviewed a clip of her performance, one of the staff members complimented her beauty and compared her to a Barbie doll. Somi turned to look at the speaker and—hilariously—smirked!

Other staff members then told her she looks “so exotic” and “so pretty,” and she couldn’t contain how happy she was, shaking her body and smiling even wider with every compliment she was given.

Not long after, the staff suddenly shouted in awe when they saw a particular moment of the performance.

Her expression before that moment was of utmost seriousness, but the moment she heard them, she gasped and lightheartedly expressed her shyness.

This is embarrassing. I’m really thankful.

— Somi

Somi’s funny reactions didn’t stop there. Later in the video, they once again monitored her performance, and a staff member praised her stunning eye color.

I love the color of your eyes.

— Staff

Without missing a beat, Somi revealed that she was actually just wearing contact lenses! Naturally, everyone burst out laughing when they heard that.

Catch more banter between Somi and her staff in the full video below.

Source: YouTube