Somi Reveals Why Hairstylists Think She’s One Of The Easiest Idols To Work With

She’s too cool 😩

Somi has been in the K-Pop industry for several years now, so she’s experienced with having her hair done by a hairstylist. Unlike many people, however, Somi isn’t hard to work with!

In a video with popular YouTuber Kiu, she went into detail about why hairstylists enjoy working with her.

Not only does Somi give them free reign to let their creativity flow, she also isn’t afraid to rock bold styles that idols would typically avoid.

Hairstylists always find it easy to work with me. They’d be like, ‘Somi, what kind of hairstyle do you want today?

— Somi

After telling them they can do “whatever they want,” she hilariously proceeds to take a nap!

Somi also talked about how the hairstylists would worriedly inform her, “One strand isn’t curled.” If other people would be concerned that it isn’t perfect, Somi wouldn’t mind at all! She’d tell them that it’s almost impossible to notice.

I’d be like, ‘Can you even see that? Can you?

— Somi

Upon hearing her words, Kiu praised her positive attitude, crying out, “That’s refreshing to hear!

Fall more in love with Somi in the full video below.

Source: Kiu