Somi has been drinking coffee since 5th grade because of her dad

Thanks to her dad, Somi had to go through periods where her hair condition was subpar.

On the March 11 broadcast of My Little Television, Somi appeared as a guest streamer and titled her broadcast “Som Som’s Bucket List”. On the broadcast, Somi talked about some of the items on her bucket list such as being able to listen to and see monkeys in person, but due to the risk of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and Hand-Foot Disease, which both are present in monkeys, she has been unable to experience this.

Instead, she checked off another item on her bucket list, which was to become a barista. Sticking to the topic of coffee, Somi revealed why she started drinking coffee, saying:

“Back in 5th grade, my dad started drinking a cup of coffee in the mornings with breakfast, so I started drinking some too. When I was young, my hair condition would become worse whenever I drank coffee.”


The Douma family’s love for coffee can also be seen in a video clip posted on the family’s shared Instagram account. Evelyn Douma can be seen showing off the family’s new coffee grinder.

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Source: OSEN