Somi Answers Questions About Rumors Regarding I.O.I’s Potential Reunion

I.O.I was reportedly gearing up to reunite for a new album.

During Somi‘s solo debut showcase, the reporters wanted to know her thoughts about the potential reunion of her former project girl group, I.O.I.


She explained that she doesn’t know much about it outside of what is revealed in the news reports.

I don’t really know much about it. As the reports claim, it appears that nothing has been confirmed yet. I don’t know anything besides that either.

— Somi


But she clarified that all of the I.O.I members continue to remain friends as they support each other in their careers. Somi revealed that Weki Meki‘s Doyeon even called her right before the showcase to help her not be so nervous!

As soon as my teaser was released, the I.O.I members texted me a lot. They cheered me on saying, ‘Somi, show them everything you’ve been holding back the past 3 years.’ I was so thankful and it touched my heart.

Even when I was coming [to the showcase], Doyeon video called me and said, ‘Hey. I heard you’re holding a showcase~’ She made me feel less nervous, and it was good just to have a fun chat with her.

— Somi


News reports previously claimed that I.O.I are currently discussing a potential reunion with at least 9 of the members. Cosmic GirlsYoo Yeonjeong and Somi were reportedly unable to participate in the reunion, but these rumors were all put to rest as a representative claimed nothing has been confirmed yet.

Source: Sports Hankook and Spotv