Jeon Somi’s Healthy Physique In Recent Journalist Photos Dispels Worries About Her Weight

She may be slim, but it doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy!

Jeon Somi recently revealed her height and weight through Instagram, sparking worry from fans about how much weight she was losing. However, recent journalist photos from her latest comeback showcase dispelled such worries.

At 172cm tall, Somi is on the tall side for girls. However, she weighs a nifty 46kg only. But there’s a good reason for that! Somi’s body is made almost entirely out of lean muscle. Her recent photographs from her showcase proved that the girl was packing with healthy curves.

| @somisomi0309/Instagram

Anyone can tell that her body, although slim, is full of muscles.

| The Black Label

Her body is toned without a hint of fat.

| The Black Label

Just because she is slim, it doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy! Somi regularly keeps up with exercise.

| @somisomi0309/Instagram

We applaud her hard work in managing herself. Look at those abs!

| @somisomi0309/Instagram

Netizens who saw the recent showcase photos have complimented her for her dedication to exercise.

  • “She’s soooo skinny but it’s all muscle.”
  • “What did you guys expect? She’s been doing pilates for years.”
  • “Still so skinny though… but she’s an idol so it can’t be helped.”
  • “46kg at 172cm is really underweight but she looks skinny in a healthy way not a frail one.”

Way to go Somi! Remember, health is the best!


Source: theqoo