Somi Reveals How Preparing For “Dumb Dumb” Was A Completely Different Experience From Her Previous Comebacks

She shared how much she’s grown through this process!

Somi made her first comeback in a year with the single “Dumb Dumb”, and revealed how the process for this comeback was entirely different from preparing for her other releases!


In 2018, Somi signed with producer Teddy‘s The Black Label, and in 2019, made her solo debut with the single album “Birthday”.

She then released “What You Waiting For” in July 2020, her first comeback song as a solo artist!

This makes “DUMB DUMB” her second official comeback, and during her comeback showcase, she talked about her previous comebacks, and shared that she would get scolded a lot while preparing for her earlier comebacks.

While preparing for my previous singles, I was scolded a lot because I was new to the company.


Somi then further revealed that while she had a hard time earlier, everything was much easier this time around, and she was relaxed the whole time!

But preparing for ‘Dumb Dumb’ was the first time I felt so relaxed. Every step of the process went so smoothly, and I wasn’t scolded once. I think that’s because I’ve improved compared to a year ago, so I’m quite satisfied.


Somi recently released her song “Dumb Dumb”, so you can check out the results of her hard work here!

Source: Korea Joongang Daily