Somi Reveals Her Super Effective Workout Routine As Well As The Perfect Diet Food

“It’s not too bland, but it has almost no calories, so I recommend…”

The charming and talented Somi recently participated in a lovely pictorial dor W Korea as well as an accompanying interview!

Everyone knows Somi is the full package! From her amazing vocal and dance skills to her stunning physique, she is goals, goals, goals! In her interview, Somi revealed some amazing workout tips as well as her routine!


When asked, “What workout are you into lately?” Somi replied that pilates is her go-to routine and has been for about 4 or 5 years: “I’ve been doing pilates for 4~5 years.

More recently, Somi shared that she has especially been into PT (personal trainers). According to Somi, PT workouts are incredibly effective for her: “It works wonders for me.

Overall, Somi is athletic and she expressed that working out gives her a lot of energy and satisfaction.

As I work out, I feel my energy increasing, and now, I can do heavier weights. It’s a satisfying workout.

— Somi

As for her favorite food at the moment, Somi stated that her favorite food is Muksabal (Chilled Acorn Jelly Soup).

I was on a diet for promotion, so my favorite and most satisfying food I had was Muksabal (Chilled Acorn Jelly Soup).

— Somi

Not only does it have the perfect amount of flavor but it’s a great diet food as well.

 It was so tasty, it’s not too bland, but it has almost no calories, so I recommend Muksabal.

— Somi

Check out the video below: