Somi Reveals Her Next Plan After Leaving JYP Entertainment

Somi’s next steps after JYP Entertainment.

Ever since news of Jeon Somi leaving JYP Entertainment broke out, many were wondering on her next steps in the Korean entertainment industry. 


Reports claimed that various agencies have shown interest for the famous trainee and I.O.I member. But Somi decided to promote as a free agent for the time being.


Jeon Somi’s schedules will reportedly be arranged by her father, Matthew Douma.


The reason why Somi decided to leave JYP Entertaiment still remains unknown as both sides have always maintained a good relationship.

Somi’s Father Speaks Up About JYP Entertainment And Her Relationship


With her own father taking charge of her schedules, it’s more than likely that we’ll be seeing more of Somi very soon! 

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Source: jTBC