Somi Criticized For Holding Debut Showcase Without Any Performance Because It “Wasn’t Ready”

She revealed why she didn’t perform live and why her debut was delayed.

Somi made her official debut at her “BIRTHDAY” showcase today, but many of the press were disappointed that she only revealed her music video and did not perform her new song live.

Idols’ showcases usually feature the song’s music video, a live performance, photo time, and an interview.


When the reporters asked why she chose not to perform live today, she explained that the choreography continues to change, so she did not want to perform unless she was absolutely confident that everything was perfect.

I’m going to go practice after the showcase too. I didn’t want to perform a stage that wasn’t fully ready because it would be lacking. In order to show a more perfect stage, I decided not to perform live today. I’m sorry.

— Somi


She also explained that the ever-changing choreography was one of the reasons why her debut was delayed over a month compared to her first debut announcements.

The choreography is changing even now. It’s different from when we shot the music video, so we couldn’t use much of the dance scenes either.

We had even re-recorded the song, so we just weren’t ready.

— Somi


Despite her explanations, netizens began to criticize her for making her solo debut when she wasn’t fully ready.


But who can blame an artist who simply wants to make sure they only put out the best that they can? Support Somi’s debut by checking out her “BIRTHDAY” MV!

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