Somi Reveals The 2 TWICE Members She Calls When She’s Having A Hard Time

Even after all these years, their bond can’t be broken.

Even though she’s no longer signed to JYP Entertainment, soloist Somi remains close with TWICE to this day. In a new video, she revealed which members she calls when she’s having a hard time.

Somi had a long road to travel before debuting as a soloist. At the age of 15, she debuted as the center of I.O.I after winning first place on Produce 101, but even that wasn’t her first brush with the struggle to become an idol. Before that, when she was 14 years old, Somi participated in JYP Entertainment’s survival show Sixteen—the show that formed TWICE.

Somi for “Sixteen” (2015)

Today, Somi is signed to YG Entertainment‘s subsidiary The Black Label, but from 2014 to 2018, she was a JYP Entertainment trainee. As such, she was included in the contestant lineup for Sixteen back in 2015. Ultimately, while Somi made it all the way to the show’s finale, she was eliminated in the last episode.

But despite that, she never lost her friendship with the TWICE members. “I’m very close with them all,” Somi told 1theK Originals in a new video. Over the years, they’ve been seen supporting each other’s activities numerous times, and Somi says they even bump into each other on the streets often too.

Somi now (2021) | 1theK Originals – 원더케이 오리지널/YouTube

In fact, Somi remains so close with TWICE that she even turns to them when she needs comfort. She went on to say that there are two members in particular who she always calls to support her: Nayeon…

TWICE’s Nayeon (left) and Somi (right) | KBS

… and Chaeyoung!

Somi (left) and TWICE’s Chaeyoung (right) | @somsomi0309/Instagram

They’re people whom I can feel comfortable around,” Somi explained, “So, whenever I’m having a hard time, I call up Chaeyoung or Nayeon.” Even after all these years, no matter how far on different paths their careers take them, this trio will always be there for each other.

Source: 1theK Originals