Somi Reveals Her Upcoming Comeback Plans And YouTube Plans

Somi is returning!

It’s been 2 months and a half since Somi finally made her official solo debut with “BIRTHDAY”, and fans are already dying to see her make a comeback!

During a recent live video session with her fans, Somi dropped details that she’s currently recording a lot to prepare for her comeback!

I’m recording a lot. I told Teddy that I’m going to hold a [live video session] and he told me to make sure to tell you that I’m recording a lot.

I’m writing lyrics and doing a lot of things. You can look forward to it.

— Somi


She also mentioned that she wants to try a blonde hair color, so will she be making a comeback as Blonde Somi?


The fans are dying to see more of Somi as much as they can so they asked her to open up a YouTube channel. She comically revealed that she’s too intimidated to start one but asked for the fans’ opinions on what they want to see if she started YouTube!

After watching Jang Sung Kyu’s YouTube channel – he MC’ed my showcase – I lost the energy to be motivated. I think he’s really amazing. I wonder if I need to make my videos like that too.

— Somi


Whether it be YouTube or a full-blown comeback, here’s to more of Somi coming soon!


Listen to her talk about her upcoming comeback starting at 10:00:

Source: Herald Pop