Somi Reveals What’s Changed The Most Since Promoting As A Soloist After Being In A Group

“I get lonely…”

Somi may not be promoting as a soloist but she was also the center member of popular project girl group, I.O.I, from Produce 101 Season 1.


She appeared on Cultwo Show recently, where she confessed the biggest difference between promoting as a soloist compared to in a group.

She revealed that the advantage of promoting alone is that you’re able to get off work quicker and that you can have all the free goodies in the waiting rooms!

The advantage of being a soloist is that as soon as you’re done with your schedule, you can leave work early as long as you’re quick about it.

And all of the snacks in the waiting rooms are mine!

— Somi


But she also confessed that there are disadvantages. She misses having a rowdy group of members to talk to while promoting as a group.

The disadvantage of promoting alone is that it’s not rowdy and loud. I get lonely because I don’t have members, and no one is there to take my photos.

— Somi


Although she may feel lonely at times by missing her other 10 members, she probably feels comfort by the overwhelming love of her fans!

Source: Osen