Somi And WJSN’s Luda Share The Same Brain For How They Chose To Celebrate Their Birthdays

And their birthdays are only three days apart!

WJSN‘s (also known as Cosmic Girls) Luda and soloist Somi both celebrated their birthdays this week by giving their fans a gift…

WJSN’s Luda | @WJS_Cosmic/Twitter
Soloist Somi | @somi_official/Twitter

A song cover of Somi’s debut solo song “BIRTHDAY.”

Luda uploaded her song cover on her “birthday,” March 6th.

| @WJS_Cosmic/Twitter

Although, notably, fans have found out that March 6th isn’t actually the idol’s birthday. Since Starship Entertainment created a concept for Cosmic Girls of assigning each of the members a zodiac sign, her celebrated birthday is a month later than her actual birthday so that she can be the representative Pisces.

Still, the idol uploaded an adorable cover of “BIRTHDAY” for her official birthday.

The cover looked like it could have been an official music video, with Luda filming in multiple pink sets.

| WJSN/YouTube 

Even sitting on top of a tiny pink car while wearing heart-shaped sunglasses.

| WJSN/YouTube 

Fans were impressed with Luda’s cover, loving her confidence.

Her incredible vocals.

And how the adorable, playful aesthetic fit her concept so perfectly.

Everything about her cover truly suited Luda flawlessly.

| WJSN/YouTube 

Somi, for her birthday, March 9th, also uploaded a live cover of her own debut song.

| @somi_official/Twitter

In her live version, Somi proved just how much her vocals have improved since her debut, and, just like Luda, she has well-deserved confidence in her video that captures fans’ attention.


And, again, just like Luda, her video looked like it could have been an official music video release. Featuring Somi’s adorable sense of humor.


She also chose to follow a mostly pink theme, looking just like a barbie doll.

And fans were left in awe at her stunning vocals.

And, of course, the concept suited her perfectly.

Somi’s definitely grown as an artist since releasing “BIRTHDAY,” making her new live version the ideal gift for her fans.


And while, understandably, “BIRTHDAY” is the perfect song for idols to cover to celebrate their birthday, it is certainly ironic that Luda and Somi both released their versions within three days of each other.

Happy birthday to both idols!

You can watch WJSN Luda’s cover of “BIRTHDAY” here.

And Somi’s live version of “BIRTHDAY” here.