Son Dam Bi Personally Announces She Will Be Getting Married This May

Congrats to the couple!

Singer and actress Son Dam Bi will be getting married to national speed skater Lee Gyu Hyuk this May. Recently, Son posted a handwritten letter through her Instagram to announce the good news to fans. 

Hello this is Son Dam Bi. While I was debating on how to tell you, I decided to inform you personally instead of hearing it through someone else. I’ve found someone I want to share my life with. When we’re together, I become the best version of me, and when we’re together, I am always smiling. I will be getting married this May to the person who showed me what happiness really is.

⁠— Son Dam Bi

Thank you so much to the fans who have supported me with unchanging hearts since my debut. I am so happy these days to have the support of the people I love. Thank you so much. I will continue to promote and show a good image and become a Son Dam Bi that communicates with fans. The weather is very cold, be careful not to catch a cold. I hope you have a happy day today. Thank you.

⁠— Son Dam Bi

Source: osen