BFFs Son Dam Bi, Jung Ryeo Won And Gong Hyo Jin Go On Vacation With All Their Mothers

They looked like a big happy family!

Singer Son Dam Bi, actress Jung Ryeo WonGong Hyo Jin and Kim So Yi have shared photos from their latest trip taken with their mothers.

On May 25, Jung Ryeo Won shared a photo of all of them on a bus to their vacation destination in Jeju Island.

Translation: “With my close friends. Although we often get together, we’ve never gotten altogether with our mothers, so we settled a plan to come to Jeju Island. Contrary to our expectations, they all became familiar with each other really quickly and we were touched by the happiness they are sharing. Why didn’t we think of this earlier…? Let’s come more often from now on!”


This close group of friends and their mothers enjoyed their trip to vacation at the beach, leaving photos of themselves in front of Seongsan Ilchulbong (“Sunrise Peak Tuff Cone”).


They also were in each other’s company during a nice meal outdoors.


And they seemed to have ended their night by gathering around a cozy campfire.

Translation: “The mother I know is ‘usually’ this type of person, but now that we’re with many other people, I’ve been seeing so much of her that I’ve never seen before. I always knew my mother to be this type of person, but it seems that the mother I imagined was a little different. It was a trip that showed me that my mother in front of many people was more refreshing and fun than my mother in front of just me.”


Many fans have been expressing their envy for their memorable trip with friends and mothers!

Source: Instagram