Son Dam Bi and Pledis Entertainment part ways after 10 years

After working together for the last 10 years, singer and actress Son Dam Bi has officially left Pledis Entertainment following her contract expiration.

Son Dam Bi has been with Pledis Entertainment since her trainee days, debuting under the label when it was still a fledgling.

A Pledis official shared, “These past 10 years, including her trainee days, were filled with joy and happiness. Although it’s hard to say goodbye to a family member, Son Dam Bi’s contract recently expired and we have come to a mutual decision to part ways. Son Dam Bi was a key player into making what Pledis Entertainment is today. Because of her, the company was able to grow and her juniors were able to follow her. Pledis will always cheer her on no matter what.”

Son Dam Bi made her debut into the industry in 2007 with “Cry Eye” and gained the nickname as the “female Rain” due to her dancing skills. She has since released many hit singles including “Bad Boy,” “Crazy,” “On A Saturday Night,” and more.

Source: Sports Donga