Son Dambi Denies Rumors That She Is No Longer Friends With Actresses Gong Hyo Jin And Jung Ryeo Won

“Thank you so much to the people that attended our wedding. It was such a happy day…”

Actress Son Dambi denied that she has been cut off by known close friends, fellow actresses Gong Hyo Jin, Soy Kim, and Jung Ryeo Won.

Son Dambi at her wedding | @xodambi/Instagram

On May 15, the actress uploaded pictures from her wedding to her Instagram to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Son Dambi at her wedding | @xodambi/Instagram
Son Dambi (left) and Lee Kyou Hyuk (right) | @xodambi/Instagram

The actress captioned the pictures stating how happy she was while thanking everyone who celebrated with them. However, in the caption, she alluded to having “so many rumors” circulating about her wedding.

Thank you so much to the people that attended our wedding. It was such a happy day. Also, there were so many rumors on this day. They are all not true. We’ll live happily.

— Son Dambi

Son Dambi at her wedding | @xodambi/Instagram

The rumors Son Dambi is alluding to are rumors that she and actresses Gong Hyo Jin and Jung Ryeo Won are no longer friends. The three actresses have been well known to be best friends, even appearing in variety shows together to show each other support.

Son Dambi | @xodambi/Instagram

However, the rumors stemmed from the actresses not attending Son Dambi’s wedding.

Gong Hyo Jin | @gonghyo_jin/Instagram
Jung Ryeo Won | @yoanaloves/Instagram

To quell the rumors Son Dambi’s label, H& Entertainment, stated that the actresses did not attend to personal reasons.

Jung Ryeo Won was filming a drama on May 13. Gong Hyo Jin was on the list of attendees but did not attend due to personal reasons. Soy Kim also did not attend.

— H& Entertainment

Gong Hyo Jin made news recently by receiving the bouquet at Son Ye Jin‘s wedding to actor Hyun Bin. Gong Hyo Jin belatedly confirmed she was in a relationship with musician Kevin Oh.

| @rovvxhyo/Instagram
Kevin Oh | MTV

Son Dambi got married to speed skating coach Lee Kyou Hyuk on May 13 at an undisclosed hotel.

| @kyouhyuk.lee/Instagram
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