Popular Idol-Turned-Actress Scammed Out Of Her Apartment And $176,000, She Reveals Why

She revealed the back story of how she lost nearly everything she had.

Idol-turned-actress, Son Dambi, recently appeared on Let’s Eat Dinner Together to reveal how she lost her apartment and over ~$176,000 USD to a scam.

“I was scammed. I was scammed out of my house.

It was all over the news.”

— Son Dambi


Son Dambi moved into an apartment by putting down a large deposit. She soon discovered that the homeowner was actually bankrupt and ran away with her money.

“The homeowner took the apartment money and ran. He went bankrupt and the apartment was put on auction.”

— Son Dambi

In Korea, 집새 (jip-sae) – to put it simply – is a system where the tenant puts down a large deposit that is close to the actual value of the real-estate. Instead of paying rent, they would hand over the deposit and sign a contract for around 2~3 years. The tenant would then receive the deposit back once the contract expires and they move out.


Son Dambi was devastated by the scam that put her in a difficult financial situation; however, she held onto her mentality and pulled through stronger than ever.

“It was a large sum of money, but I was able to overcome it. It comes down to whether you can keep a good grasp over your mental state or not, and I think I did well.

I really learned the value of money.”

— Son Dambi


Since then, Son Dambi went on to become a successful actress who starred in multiple popular dramas and movies!


Watch Son Dambi tell her full story below: